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Quickies In The Potting Shed

A Bad Girls Drabble Community

The Potting Shed
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Short fic/drabble challenges for Bad Girls
The Potting Shed seems to be the place for stolen snogs and fast feels so I felt it was the perfect name for fanfic quickies.

This is a drabble/short fic community for the UK show, Bad Girls. A drabble is a short story consisting of 100 words. I won't spank you for going slightly over, or under, unless you want me to. Short Fic can range in six=ze, but our maximum word limit here is 1000

While we hope to see an influx of Teh Femslash, all pairings are welcome. If you are slash sensitive I strongly suggest you play elsewhere. Angst, sex, comedy, sex...we'll take anything. We're easier than Shell Dockley trying to get back on enhanced.

Special thanks to sparklebunny for the comm page header. You and your graphicy talents are well loved.

1. The moderator will post a challenge on the 1st and the 15th/16th of each month and members will have 2 (two) weeks to post a drabble/short fic. This is subject to change as the moderator is entering her annual drinking season.

2. This is a "Drabble/Short Fic" comm, so we'll set a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 1000 words. Of course, I can be bribed with naked pictures, Belgian chocolate and good red wine to allow posters to go over the limits.

3. Please post the Title, Pairing, Rating, Word Count for each drabble and Please use an LJ CUT when posting your drabble]short fic or I'll hang you by your nips.

4.Please post drabbles/short fic related to the current challenge only and tag them with them current challenge number(ex: challenge # 69). Suggestions for challenges are always welcome and can be sent to cabenson@livejournal.com

5.Every two months we will have a Remainders week. At this time, you can post what you like upto 1500 words. This is ideal for drabbles/fics written late, or too long for previous challenges. All challenges will be tagged and added to the memories section.

6.Constructive criticism is always welcome but if you flame someone, I will wield my banhammer faster than a certain networking site did with with nekkid Harry drawings.

7.Do NOT feed trolls! I prefer them as skinny as possible as they slide through the woodchipper so much easier.

8.The mod is very easygoing. If you have an issue, please email me off-comm. No drama in the comments, or I'll send ya down the block.